Mbeya International Ministries, Sending light into spiritually dark places

Sending lights into spiritually dark places

Sponsor a Bible student in Malawi

and send light into a dark place

Some of the world’s least-reached people live in places difficult for foreign ministers to enter.


However, local believers who know the culture and language are able to settle into these places, live out the Gospel, and establish indigenous communities of Christ-followers. They simply need education.


By being part of a student's sponsorship team, you are investing in that student's future and sharing in the fruit of their ministry.

To keep the lights on in the classroom and the school rent paid, it costs us roughly $30/month per student. That is their tuition.


Students are responsible for contributing something toward their education. We offer them the opportunity to work in exchange for tuition.


By sponsoring a student at $30/month, you make it possible for us to provide a job for a student so they can work and earn money toward their education.

1.  Tuition  ($30/month)


2.  Tuition; Room & Board  ($60/month)

Students live on campus together, eat together, study together, and minister on the streets together. By sponsoring a student’s room and board, you are making it possible for that student to take full advantage of living in Christian community with the other students.


$60/month provides room & board for a student, as well as a job for that student so he or she can earn money toward their tuition.


3.  Tuition; Room & Board; Outreaches  ($100/mo)

Each student participates in daily outreaches on the streets, weekly outreaches in the surrounding townships, and quarterly outreaches in remote villages.


You can help cover a student’s outreach expenses (transport, Bibles, evangelism materials, food).


$100/month covers all of the expenses associated with outreach and evangelism, as well as the student’s tuition and room & board.


Or make a one-time gift of any amount to our school

Your gift will help with general program expenses

Mbeya International Ministries is a registered

501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization.

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All contributions are tax-deductible.

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"How can they believe in Him of whom they have not heard?" Romans 10:14